Gramin Mahila Mahavidyalaya

Remedial Coaching

Remedial Coaching

Dr. Mamta Garhwal
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. (Botany), M.Ed., P.hd. ( Education)

Gramin Mahila  Mahavidyalaya is an esteemed institution that provides quality education to students from diverse backgrounds. As a result, each student has different learning interests and paces. Some students are advanced learners, while others are slow learners. Therefore, it is crucial to identify each student’s learning style and plan accordingly to deliver personalized teaching and learning experiences.

The college is devoted to improving the academic performance of its students and makes every effort to enhance the academic performance of slow learners. Remedial coaching is considered a vital tool to upgrade the academic performance of slow learners. Slow learners are identified based on their performance in previous examinations, responsiveness in classroom teaching and learning, and continuous monitoring. They are encouraged to attend additional supportive classes to develop their interests in the subject. The college also conducts additional programs such as group discussions, guest In order to support slow learners, additional study material is provided, and they are encouraged to solve previous examination papers of the university. The faculty members maintain regular contact with slow learners both within and outside the campus, which helps to create a comfortable environment for them to share their queries and doubts with their teachers.

In order to provide a platform for advanced learners to develop their skills and abilities, the faculty members encourage their participation in different activities such as elocution, debate, quiz competitions, etc.

The faculty members remain in contact with advanced learners sincerely, which helps them to discuss and share their views on advanced topics of the subject lectures, and interaction with subject experts to provide additional support to these learners.

Specific steps adopted for slow learners:

  1. Tutorials, discussions, interactions and remedial coaching.
    2.  Concept clarification and problem solving exercises.
    3.  Bilingual explanations and discussions.
    4.  Provision for simplified but standard lecture notes/course material.
    5.  Revision of topics and practical’s.
    6.  Enhancement of communication skills and art of reading-learning.

For the advanced learners, the college makes due efforts by providing them adequate platforms.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Improvements in university exam results of identified slow learners.
    2.  Enhancement in regularity and involvement in classroom teaching- learning.
    3.  Development of better and accurate sense of self with improved confidence.
    4.  Development and nurturing the deep understating of personal motivation.
    5.  Students get opportunities for future.
    6.  Confidence development to face the placement drives.
    7.  Enhanced interest in the chosen subjects.